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Racket Rascals - toddler class Wanstead

Join our team

We are growing our team with amazing people interested in early years development. No coaching experience is necessary, but experience of interaction with children ages 1-4 is required.

We currently run classes at three locations in the Wanstead area, Wanstead Parish Hall, Sylvestrian Leisure Centre and Rocket Padel Ilford.


We are looking for both class leaders and class assistants to join the team.

Class Leaders

Class Leaders are responsible for running the classes. You will need to instruct and coordinate the parents and toddlers for each activity and act as the responsible adult for the class.


A Class Leader is the ideal role for an individual who has experience with developing early years children.

Class Assistants

Class Assistants are responsible for supporting the Class Leaders with setting up the classes and activities and will be required to help the children perform each activity. 


A Class Assistant is an ideal role for someone who would like to pursue a career in early years development.


We pay competitive rates depending if you are a class leader or class assistant.

Get in touch

If you are interested in joining the team, please submit the form below.

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